This Course has been specifically designed for Military Communications Practitioners (STRATCOM, PAO, etc), to enable them create dynamic, effective and engaging content to support their campaigns or projects.

The course teaches all the practical skills required, from shooting video to editing audio. Included is an introduction to Blogging, Podcasting and Vlogging.

Course Overview.

Daily course timings are at your discretion and content is delivered at the speed and intensity you wish.
A recommended 5 hour day (exclusive of breaks) should be adequate, allowing you time to absorb the course content at the same time as exploring the amazing local area at your leisure.

All you need to bring is your smart phone/mobile device.

Laptops and Tablets are also a recommended.

The 5 days covers:

(a). “Digital Engagement” – what it really means.
(b). Tools and platforms available to create and deliver content.
(c). How to effectively deploy assets such as  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.
(d). Shooting, editing and publishing video using just a mobile device.
(e). Creating audio content for “podcasting” including basic interview techniques and audio edit using open source software.
(f). How to set up a basic blog.
(g). Dynamic practical exercises to practice all course elements.(h). Measuring Effect.

Fees and Costs.

Because of my location, I can offer excellent, secure, onsite accommodation thus keep costs a lot lower than most European courses of similar design, whilst at the same time delivering an exceedingly high standard of content.
That means better value for limited budgets.

The cost of the 5 day course is €740.00 including accommodation.
I offer:20% discount for 2 people attending together.

Travel to and from the course location:
This is at your own expense.
Our nearest Airports are Banja Luka or Zagreb.

6 nights on-site accommodation self-catering, (or a B and B option at small additional cost).
The accommodation is a self contained, spacious, modern, 2 Bedroom apartment with all amenities (including mini-bar).
4 beds, sharing facilities.
You can view the accommodation HERE.

I also offer complimentary drinks on arrival.
I can collect you from and deliver you back to, Zagreb airport.
The Airport Transfer is included in the Fee.

Course Dates.

Contact me to schedule your course and specific requirements HERE.  


I offer a Cultural Activity based on the local area each day after training.
You only need to cover any food or drink costs.


There are occasional power cuts across the area.I cannot be responsible for any course content not delivered due to such cuts.I cannot also be held responsible for service outages from my internet provider.I will ensure my utmost to collect you from and return you to either Banja Luka or Zagreb airport on time for your flight, however, I cannot be responsible for delays caused by lengthy border procedures, inclement weather or vehicle failure etc.